Workout Changes for Building Muscle

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It’s also important for you to remember not altering your workouts every two weeks. It’s a waste of time because it makes no huge difference in results.

You’re focusing your time on areas that don’t matter that much, as the adaptation of your body to the conditioning requirements. What you need to spend more time on is how to get the right balance in increasing your weight to build muscles.

If you obsess too much on abs and under to make you lean, then the results will be to make you skinny but with abs. Pretty unsightly, isn’t it?

Adjusting Workouts According to Muscle Need

You should focus on evolving yourself based on your muscle needs instead of making random workout adjustments that won’t play a huge role in your muscle growth.

Avoid obsessing about trendy and new bodybuilding workouts. Most of them have a huge level of nonsense. Notice how almost 98% of these guides tell you nothing about adding weight? Guess what: weight addition is the key ingredient to any progress in bodybuilding. Maybe the books you’re reading won’t tell you about it because doing so will stop you to buy more of their books?

Not all the supplements you get on the market are bad for you. But, most of the supplement claims you read are bad. Learn the actual difference. Also, go for things organic if you can. All the chemicals you add to your body may not be healthy for your system.

Leaning Muscle-Building

The muscle-building topics and guides you read today are not written in black and white. You should learn how to balance what you read by sticking to what the pro lifters are reading and using in their workouts. Also, you should remember that although there’s a lot of science in bodybuilding, most of it is still art because it’s not always black and white.

While bodybuilding is as much an art as a science, you should still learn the science of all the workout exercises you do, but try to adjust the exercises to your specific needs. Anyone who tells you that a particular training is 100% black and white and not open to changes is immediately suspicious. Not all exercises fit for a particular person.

Progression of weight is also another important concept you should study. It is, in fact, the magic muscle-building component in any exercise.

Pound for pound

One of the best bicep builders you can do today include heavy rows and pull-ups. Get a pull-up bar and install it in a doorway in your home. Barbell curls are also a good addition to any exercise that will boost your body’s performance during exercise.

One good tip you can learn for this is to use a heavy compound lift with an extension that targets the triceps. For example, a good set of close grip bench presses with two-arm seated dumbbell extensions for triceps will make you reach your goals with higher accuracy.

Don’t forget to eat 100% whole foods. Some of your calories should come from these sources, but indulging in a few pleasurable treats will help you stay sane and excited about your workout. Plus, it makes you feel like you’re still part of the weaker human beings who don’t do bodybuilding.

Also, try not to think that those who go to the gym know what they’re doing. Just because these people have a six-pack doesn’t mean they’re doing it right. Many of them probably don’t even know the difference between what good musclebuilding advice is and what is a hoax 🙂 🙂

Sharing for a healthy society.

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