Weight Loss without Diet: 3 Basic Rules

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The diets binding and highly restrictive, very little for you. Without getting to diet and make a ruthless hunt for fat, weight loss can also be a discipline and consistency matter to say ciao to faster kilos.

How to quickly lose weight almost without realizing it? By opting for a healthier daily life. Keep at new dietary laws is the assurance of achieving fast.

I changed my eating habits

It was all a diet with mixed results without losing weight up to our expectations. What if you could adopt simple rules and common sense to easily slim down? 

Limiting sugar and salt intakes, we are already on track. Stop sugar in coffee, tea, and drinks and loses the habit of adding salt his plate. The consumption of pastries and sweets should become the exception. But not to fall into total frustration, himself preparing good cakes.

Rather than a chocolate brownie, preference is a cake O% yogurt with the lemon peel. Tasty, light and thin. It is also required to be included fruits and vegetables at every meal. Rich in vitamins and low in calories, they are your best allies. Very good for intestinal transit, they also ensure you keep a flat stomach.

Proteins are preferred lean (fish, chicken, ham fat). Red meat is limited to twice a week. We cook fresh produce and we abandon them too rich industrial preparations. A habit for a result fast also believed many drink (water and herbal teas ) to eliminate.

I make up my gaps

You do not want to diet but too much fast weight loss is a goal. You do not want to frustrate you and keep parentheses fun. Not easy indeed to systematically refuse an invitation to the restaurant to avoid the triptych too heavy but sometimes tempting to “entry-course.” Not obvious at a barbecue to accompany your meat salad leaves some fries when you attempt good.

Good news, you can grant you one or two gaps monitored weekly. Provided offset. In anticipation of a dinner that looks loaded, eat light lunch foregoing and that which follows your gap (fish vegetables, yogurt, and an apple lighter). And stay hydrated thoroughly. A method that works.

I put on daily physical activity

No desire to compel you to a diet or to exhaust yourself by chaining sports sessions? Some tips will nevertheless allow further move without really realizing it. Prefer stairs to elevators and walk as soon as possible. The ideal: 30 minutes a day at least. If you take this in your daily life, you do not make the same account you. 

Abandon the car to the maximum. You used to go buy your wand or your car in a newspaper while shops are just a few hundred meters from home? Go by bike or on foot. And if you use public transportation, take usually stay one or two stops before your usual stop to walk for the remaining distance.

No one is to get too big pressure to see fly a few kilos. The results are provided to sustain new rules simple and accessible. 🙂 🙂

Sharing for a healthy society.

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