Tips to Manage Diabetes at Work

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Plan for Success: Give yourself a smart start before your shift: Get plenty of sleep, don’t skip breakfast, and drink a glass of water before you head in. These simple self-care steps can lower your stress, which will keep blood sugar steady.

Bring Your Boss on Board

If it isn’t easy to take snack breaks on the job, or you don’t have a good spot to store your insulin, it’s time to tell your employer about your needs. Be ready to explain diabetes in simple terms, in case he doesn’t know much about it. Ask your doctor for helpful aids or written notes on your behalf.

Know Your Rights

If the thought of telling higher-ups about your diabetes makes you nervous, read up on your rights so you can go speak with confidence. The law is on your side when it comes to asking for small changes that help you manage your disease. The boss can’t punish you for it. In fact, he’s required by law to meet any reasonable request that helps you do your job.

Pick a Partner

You don’t have to tell everyone about your health, but it can help to share. At least one person should know where your supplies are, what the symptoms of low blood sugar look like, and how to get you to help if you need it.

Fight Food Temptation

From birthday celebrations to morning doughnut runs to candy jars, the office can be a hotbed of hard-to-resist sweets. Prep yourself for carb cravings. Keep healthy snacks in your desk. If you do indulge, eat small portions and keep a close watch on your blood sugar levels.

Snack Smart

Plan for mid-afternoon sugar slumps. Fill a lunchbox with chopped veggies and hummus, keep protein bars on hand, or stash some healthy fats like almonds or walnuts near your workstation. You can also perk up with carb-free drinks like unsweetened iced tea or hot green tea.

Make Time to Move

If you work at a desk, find ways to build physical activity into your daily schedule. Set a timer to go off every 30 minutes, and take a short walk, even if it’s just up and down the hall. Do muscle stretches in your seat.

Spend part of your lunch break walking up and down a staircase to get your heart rate up. Ask the boss about standing or treadmill desk, if that’s an option at your office 🙂 🙂

Sharing for a healthy society.

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