Reasons Why You Should Eat Slower

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In a world of instant gratification instant food, instant money, instant entertainment we often forget what it means to slow down and be at the present. We seem to be always busy with our lives, rushing about, and seem to have no time for what is essential.

Instead of enjoying what is served in front of us, we end up gobbling it down mindlessly, not even giving our taste buds the chance to transmit information of what we have just tasted, to our brains.

The result is stressful, unhealthy living. The good news is that you can start reversing the effects of such an unhealthy lifestyle by choosing to eat slower. The next time you are served with a sumptuous meal, remember these five compelling reasons that you should take smaller bites and chew your food a bit slower and a bit longer.

Eating Slower Helps You Lose Weight

A good number of studies around the world confirm that eating slower is enough to help you lose twenty pounds a year and that even without having to change your diet.

Perhaps you have heard this many times, but let me share the reason with you again it takes twenty minutes for the human brain to tell you that you are already full. If you eat fast, you will tend to eat more, to a point that you are already full, but without your brain registering it.

If you eat a bit slower, you will give your brain enough time to process the information that you are already full and don’t need to eat more. Eating healthy food is important, of course, but simply eating slower is enough to make a huge impact on your weight.

Eating Slower Gives You Better Digestion

I remember my teacher in high school telling our class that when eating, one should chew his or her food twenty times. This is important because if you tend to eat fast, you will end up not chewing your food better, which leads to indigestion. Another thing I’ve learned from primary school was that digestion starts in the mouth.

In fact, most of the work starts there and the stomach’s part should be lesser. The lesser the stomach has to work in digesting food, the fewer chance you have of indigestion.

Eating Slower Reduces Stress

You lose focus when you are stressed, and in the same manner, you become stressed when you are not focused. When you are always eating in a hurry, allowing your mind to wander on what you need to do next, you will definitely be stressed.

Eating slower, however, allows you to just be in the moment, focusing and being mindful of what is currently going on. This exercise leads to a life of less stress and more happiness.

Eating Slower Lets You Enjoy Your Food More

It may seem obvious, but eating slower lets you enjoy the taste of your food better. When you are eating in a hurry, you will not really enjoy what you are eating even if you are eating the best food served in the best restaurant in the best hotel in town.

On the other hand, even if you are only eating a common food, you will get to enjoy it a lot more if you take the time to savor it.

Eating Slower Allows You Enjoy Life

Perhaps the most compelling reason that you should eat slower is that it allows you to enjoy life and be happy. Eat slowly and pay attention to what you are eating. Chew your food a bit longer and let the taste and flavor linger in your mouth for some time before swallowing.

Close your eyes and try guessing each of the ingredients in your meal. Perhaps, like Remy the rat, you will also see fireworks as the flavor of food explodes in your taste buds.

Food is meant to be enjoyed. Do not rush through your day doing one task after another and totally ignoring this fact. Doing so will make you stressed, unhealthy, and unhappy. Have a change of heart and mind today on how you see food and eating.

As much as possible, avoid fast food and prepare your own food at home. Most importantly, eat slower and enjoy every bite, savoring the moment and the fact that you have good food served in front of you. The result will be a stress-free, healthier, and happier you 🙂 🙂

Sharing for a healthy society.

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