Most Common Annoying Things People Do

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Take Forever to Order: That lady in front of you isn’t sure if she’s in the mood for a caramel macchiato or a latte, or maybe she wants to really mix it up today with some green mint tea. She should take all the time she needs — before she gets in line.

Eat With Their Mouths Open

Seriously? No one wants to see that bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich in its various stages as she eats. And you definitely don’t want to listen to the sound she makes when she chews (smack smack). Mom was right when she said it’s rude to eat with your mouth open.

Interrupt All the Time

If he can’t wait for someone to finish a sentence before jumping in with his own thoughts, he’s not really having a conversation, he’s giving a lecture. If he tried listening for a change, he might learn something. 

Block the Intersection

Traffic is backed up. The light’s turned yellow, and someone drifts into the middle of the intersection in the hope that it’ll clear and he won’t have to wait through another light. But it doesn’t, and now his wishful thinking is keeping you and the 700 cars behind you at a standstill.

Use Price Tags That Don’t Peel Off

You just bought a gorgeous new vase at the flea market that you’re pretty sure is a genuine Ming Dynasty knockoff. It looks perfect on the sideboard in your living room — except you can’t seem to get the price tag ($8.95) peeled off the side. Water, dish soap, razor blades — nothing seems to work. What the heck did they use to stick that on there?

Write Checks

Not the ones that you write at home and stick in the mail to pay your bills — those are fine. No, the checks we’re talking about are the ones it takes the guy in front of you 10 minutes to write out at the grocery store’s “fast checkout” line, with you and 15 others in line behind him. Seriously, people were using debit cards in the last century.

How We Deal With It

People handle anger in three ways: expressing, suppressing, and calming. The healthiest way to express it is to make yourself heard in an assertive (not aggressive) way without hurting anyone else. You also can try to calm, or control, your anger — count to 10, take deep breaths and let the emotion go away. But don’t suppress, or hide, it. That can turn those negative feelings inward and lead to high blood pressure or depression.

Keep Anger in Check

A few tips to control your feelings: Use humor to defuse the situation; focus on the solution instead of the problem; and don’t say the first thing that pops into your head — listen and think first.

Your doctor can do some tests to see if your emotions are running too high. But if you have a problem with anger, you probably already know it 🙂 🙂

Sharing for a healthy society.

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