First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Wife

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First wedding anniversary gift ideas to surprise your partner. The first anniversary of marriage is known as the “paper wedding”, so it would be great if the gift was made of this material. There are options from the most traditional, such as a letter, to more elaborate ones, such as dedicating a book with personal love poems.

Traditional First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Wife That Will Amaze Her: It is always a very beautiful gesture to stick to tradition when it comes to wedding anniversary gifts. After all, women tend to like tradition a lot. Why not follow those ideas for this first wedding anniversary gift for her? Check them out:

Love letter

The love letter is a life long gift idea for the first anniversary. I mean, what women doesn’t love a deep love letter from their husband? It has proven to work for centuries! No matter how you do it, express your feelings for her and it will be the perfect gift for this time. It can be the main gift or a perfect accompaniment for another. 

Photo album

I am sure you have many photographs that you have not printed from before the wedding or from that great day. Make an album in which you put the photographs in chronological order. Choose those in which she looks wonderful in that cocktail dress you love so much, those in which she looks happy with you, or from some special moment that you remember with her. It will be fun to see how you have evolved as a couple, and she will surely appreciate that walk down memory lane, too.


Select 12 poems or songs, one for each month of your marriage, that you will like to dedicate your wife and put them all together in a nice way. It could be a book or an album. If you have the talent to write, do the poems yourself. Let all your feelings flow in that poetic way she is going to love so much. If not, you can be inspired by authors like Pablo Neruda, Emily Dickinson, William Wordsworth, or Edgar Allan Poe. Those words, songs, and fragments of books will surely make her fall in love with you all over again. Hold up, you can even use some intimate ones, now is the time!

Modern First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Wife

On the contrary, if you are not a traditional couple at all, or if your wife doesn’t really believe or follow any tradition, there are many other modern first wedding anniversary gift ideas for her. After all, the world has evolved a lot, so who says one must stick to tradition and customs? No one! Check these ideas out if this is your case:


A jewel is a unique piece that has the power of being a symbol, an emotion, a bond between two people. Just as you did with that special engagement ring you gave her, choose which jewel will represent that first year of marriage. Gold and pearls are the perfect materials for first-year wedding anniversary jewelry. It will surely be a piece she will always cherish.

Customize items

These types of details in which the property of each is identified with signs of “Mr” and “Mrs” never fail. How about cups for coffee, pajamas, cushions, or thermos? You can also choose any other thing that is complementary, such as rings with half the heart in each, chains or bracelets.

Concert tickets

If you are lucky enough to have a concert of that band she loves so much in your city at the time of your anniversary, don’t even hesitate to get her those tickets as your anniversary gift.

Happy young couple having fun at a music festival.

To make it even more special, get her the best seat your budget can afford. She will cherish this memory forever, and your anniversary will be the most fun of all! 🙂 🙂

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