Effective Rotational Exercise

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Rotational Swings: Both the Rotational Swings and the Rotational Lunges below can be done with a variety of equipment. One of my favorite ways to do the Rotational Swing is with a slosh pipe because it is an awkward, uneven weight. Check out these 10 Slosh Pipe Moves for instructions on how to do the Rotational Swing (as well as for instructions on the Slosh Pipe Rotational Lunge below!).

Rotational Lunges

The rotational lunge is a great transverse and sagittal plane movement. And for this movement, we like to use the sandbag. To do the Sandbag Rotational Lunge, grab the sandbag by two handles so that your palms are facing each other. Standing nice and tall, you are going to step back with one foot.

As you step back, bend the front knee to sink into the lunge. Do not worry about bending the back knee. Rotate the sandbag outside the front knee, hinging forward just slightly. Do not round forward. Then bring the back leg in and stand up nice and tall, stomping the back foot into the ground as you stand up. As you stand up, also swing the sandbag back to the front.

Then quickly lunge back on the other leg, letting the sandbag swing outside the front knee. Advanced exercisers will want to use the momentum of their lunge to propel the sandbag from side to side quickly. They will want to swing it and rotate with it as they lunge.

Beginners will want to “place” the sandbag outside the leg instead of using the momentum and swinging the bag to the outside. By placing the bag instead of swinging, they will have better balance and more control.

Rotational Deadlift to Press

This move is one of my favorite full-body landmine moves.

To do the Rotational Deadlift to Press, stand at the end of the barbell facing the end of the barbell, not the landmine. Grab below the end of the barbell with an overhead grip and almost at the end of the barbell with an underhand grip.

Stand facing the barbell with your feet about hip-width and shoulder-width apart. Hinge over, bending your knees and sinking your butt while keeping your chest up. Make sure your heels stay on the ground as you sink your butt. Your arms should be straight, holding the bar on the ground. They should be right inside your legs and your shins should be right at the bar.

Then quickly stand up and as you do, rotate toward the landmine and press the bar across and overhead. Your back foot, the foot closest to the end of the barbell, should pivot as you rotate and press across. Then bring the bar back down and sink back into a deadlift. Do not just lean over to bring the barbell back down to the ground. Sink your butt back down to drop the bar back down.

Move slowly back down then explosively to bring the weight back up and across. Use your legs to power your press up and across. Complete all reps on one side before switching.

The Slam Bagz Punch

If you have any pent up stress or anger, you may really want to try the Slam Bagz Punch.

It is a great rotational move using Slam Bagz and a Banana Bag.

To do the Slam Bagz Punch, hold the Slam Bag on each end. Stand about a foot from the Banana bag with one foot staggered slightly in front (if you are a righty, you may want your left foot forward).

Bring the bag up to about chest height with your arms bent. Rotate to the right, drawing the bag back. Then “punch” or press the bag forward and toward the bag, using your core to rotate the bag in to hit the banana bag.

After you hit, swing the back to your left and rotate again to hit the banana bag.

Russian Twists

A basic ab exercises everyone should know what can be done with a variety of equipment to challenge your core.

To do the basic Russian Twist, balance on your butt with your knees bent and feet off the ground. Hinge back a little with your upper body, maintaining a nice tall posture. Put your hands together. Rotate your upper body and arms from side to side, reaching your hands down to the ground by each hip. Keep your feet off the ground the entire time and move as quickly as possible.

Two of my favorite tools to use with Russian Twists are med balls and slosh pipes. If you use a med ball, you can even turn the Russian Twists into a partner exercise!


Turkish Get-Ups – This move is one of my favorite exercises because it forces you to work in EVERY plane of motion. 🙂 🙂

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