Beginner Gym Workouts for Female

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Beginner gym workout female

Beginner women in the gym usually start a workout with great expectation. Unfortunately, the beginner of training is marked by a series of challenges. Some women have an enormous have difficulty to maintain discipline and overcome some inconvenience of the beginning of training.

A person who decides to start in the gym does so for various reasons, such as seeking to get fit, improve their physical appearance, promote other sports, etc…all have an objective. Therefore, you should analyze and offer what is most advisable for Beginner gym workout female. It should also be the obligation of the beginner to inform about their interests (maybe play basketball and need to combine both activities, and even extrapolate the profits of the gym …). Even so, the important thing is that you have taken this step, and begin to receive the benefits of weight training.


Experts tell beginners of the Bodybuilding to start the exercise with light and easy training. The first important things are to focus first on the execution of the exercises and not on the final result in the gym. The goal of workouts is to increase the muscle. Gradually increase the intensity of the exercise and the weights on the device. However, in this article, we will provide you beginner gym workout female.


Do not start doing weight training without knowing what you are doing. It is essential to seek advice from an expert, since, if done wrong, these exercises can have long-term negative effects.
Try talking to a personal trainer to help you define your goals and explain how to start based on the experience you have with the sport and your physical condition. In addition, it can advise


Do not demand too much when you are starting, it is necessary to make mistakes in order to learn. Do not start with a lot of weight, use your own body as weight, for example doing lunges or push-ups.

“If you’re not sure about venturing into the strength zone of the gym, an excellent option is to practice using household objects like weights, you can use bottles of water or cans as equipment, start with that if you want to gain confidence little by little.” advise.

It is always better to master the movements in advance and make sure you feel comfortable with them. Can you do 15 squats in a row without weight, 8-10 push-ups and stay on the board for a minute? Then you can consider including some strength training in your routine.


When we make the transition from bodyweight workout to weight exercises, we must build confidence little by little. Chamberlain recommends starting with light weights in order to leave a greater margin of error without getting injured. The more weight you take, the smaller that margin is, it’s necessary to learn how to complete an exercise correctly before putting a heavy load in.

You must build a foundation to understand how your body will react to lifting weights, that will help you avoid injuries and to perform better in the long term. Establishing a few goals each week and gradually increasing the weight to ensure progress. And do not be afraid to make a mistake, we’ve all been beginners ever and making mistakes is the fastest way to learn.


Exercising with a friend makes us gain confidence, especially in this area of the gym. Our gym partner can keep an eye on our technique and help us if we need it, watching how your partner trains are also great to learn how to do the exercise correctly, exercising with someone is motivating, as we can encourage each other.


It is very common to have stretching after weight exercises, each person has a different reaction to these exercises, so if you do not have, do not be scared. You do not need to feel pain the next day to consider that it has been an effective workout.  Too much effort in an exercise session and then suffering for a week is not as effective as using lighter weights consistently. Different form to the lifting of weights: there are those who have stretching after a very simple exercise and there are those who never have.


When you arrive at the gym or start the training you will have to do a pre-warm up of 10 minutes, which will include cardio exercises. The most frequent is to make a ribbon or a fixed bicycle. This will allow greater oxygenation of the muscles and elimination of fat.

At the end of the session, we advise you to take a few minutes to stretch completely, but especially the muscles worked. In this way, you will avoid the aches, contractures, cramps or typical discomforts. And you’ll have your muscles ready for the next routine!


At this point, we have to talk about two very important issues. First of the rest between series of exercises -which should oscillate between 30 and 60 seconds- and that of each exercise (which should be one to two minutes before moving on to the next).

Second, the rest associated with the training days. In the beginning, we recommend that you exercise on alternate days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Thus the body can recover and heal damaged muscle fibers.

  • DAY1beginner gym workout female

On this first day in the gym or at home if you have the elements, you will work your legs completely. All exercises are performed with a maximum of 15 repetitions and four series must be completed.

Day routine consists of: machine extensions, squats, splits with dumbbells, deadlifts with straight legs, sitting twins, and twins walking machine.

  • DAY 2beginner gym workout female

In the second session, you will work your abs, chest, biceps, and triceps; that is, upper front part. Ideal to recover from the leg routine! There are more exercises on this day, but they are more ‘short’ than the previous ones, therefore the repetitions (four) and the series (maximum 15) are maintained.

In this case, you will perform: incomplete openings with dumbbells, parallel bottoms in the machine, curl with bar, hammer curl with dumbbells, pulley pulls and Z-bar press.

  • DAY 3

For the third day, you will focus on the upper back, shoulder and delt exercises. You will also add the shoulders that you have not worked the previous day. Repetitions and series are maintained.

The exercises for this session are front pulls, rowing with the machine, one-handed dumbbell, dumbbell press, side elevations, seated bird, inverted shrinkage, shrinkage, and lumber. 🙂 🙂

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