Ways to Keep a Healthy Environment in Your Home

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What’s on the Kitchen Counter? Set yourself up for snack success. Stock up on the good stuff: fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean meats, and healthy fats. If you get canned goods, go for fruits packed in their own juice (instead of syrup). Skip additives like salt or sugar. When in doubt, read labels. Or better yet, stick to whole foods that don’t need labels in the first place.

Is Your Kitchen Table Dusty?

Busy schedules and screens can butt into dinnertime. That isn’t good for your crew’s health. Kids have better eating habits and teens are less likely to take part in risky behavior when mealtime is a family affair. Everyone benefits when you carve out time to sit at the table together.

How Big Are Your Dishes?

Did you know your plate size can affect your waist size? It’s true — studies show that when people use larger bowls and plates, they fill them up. That means they eat more than they need. Try this simple switch at mealtime: Put healthy foods on bigger plates and less healthy foods on smaller ones. You’ll satisfy your hunger with more nutrients and less junk.

Do You Do Leftovers Right?

Eating them is a great way to get the most meal for your buck, but be sure you store them safely. Refrigerate leftover food right away in an airtight container to keep bacteria from setting up shop. Reheat in microwave-safe or oven-safe glass or ceramic (not plastic). Get food hot all the way through. Check for cold spots, so germs scram before you swallow.

Too Many Screens in Your Bedroom?

Like to surf the Net before sleep, or drift off to a flickering TV? That can rob you of high-quality sleep. Light from electronic gadgets turns on the wakeful parts of your brain. This can make it harder to nod off. And the shut-eye you do get is often less restful.

Do Your Pets Sleep With You?

Cuddling up with your cat or dozing with your dog at night can be a great comfort, but there are tradeoffs. Pets take up space in your bed, make noise, and move around. Even if they have their own beds on the floor, they can still disrupt your sleep. And if Fido is sick, snoozing together makes it easier for some germs to spread to you.

Is Your Mattress Just Right?

Do you wake up stiff and sore in the morning? Your mattress might be to blame. Not everyone needs a firm surface for sleep. Your body will tell you what’s best. Replace your mattress after about 8 years, and pick up new pillows if yours are shapeless or lumpy.

Can You Find Your First-Aid Kit?

When minor injuries or illnesses strike, it’s good to have the right treatment on hand. Pick up a pre-stocked first-aid kit from your local pharmacy and read up on everything inside.

Talk to your doctor about other items you might add. Put your kit somewhere you can get to easily (but kids can’t). Restock anything you use and any expired items 🙂 🙂

Sharing for a healthy society.

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