Team Collaboration and its Development

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Team collaboration can be defined as the communication and project management approach that highlights teamwork, innovative thinking and even participation to achieve goals. In our daily life, we see this strategy everywhere. From, Android App developers to Building Labourers, Team Collaboration is the thing that matters everywhere.

Recently, a protest is going on in Hong-Kong regarding the extradition of its mainland to China. The Visuals of their protest will give goosebumps to anyone. The kind of teamwork they are having is inspiring. They are ready to face anything. Even the Tear gas attack and Cops Attack are not a success against them.

For example, if you were assigned a group of members to organize a get-together function in your Apartment or your street. What would be the correct procedure to get that work done with a positive result? It’s very simple. Just take the schematic outline of the program and divide different tasks among the team members and make sure they get enough sources in time. That’s it. In this entire story, some points decide the time factor of the result. These factors are common in every team and play a vital role in their success along with their improvement in Team Collaboration.

End Goal Information

For example, your End Work is to create an Android Game. You were assigned 5 members who have prior knowledge of Coding. What would be the efficient and correct way to get the work done? First, the Team Leader must explain the exact product what the client is looking for and then divide the work among them. Just imagine, if the Team Leader didn’t explain the exact thing correctly and the team members are their own. The Game that the client has requested will either be late or will be of another form. That is the importance of this factor.


For example, let us take a Concrete building Construction Team. The Team Leader of the team must co-ordinate the team members in such a way that the Raw materials of the building are supplied in time to construct a strong concrete slab. What happens if there is no communication with the team? Simple, either the raw materials get wasted or the building they are constructing may not stand. Not only here, but every team also has a chance of losing the end goal efficiency with improper communication.

Time Management

There is an English saying “Time and Tide wait for None”. The more we waste the Time, the more complex our work will be. It may be a physical one or a kind of software related, every work is time dependant. If the particular team’s members are lazy, then the Team Leader must have a keen look at their daily analysis of their work progress otherwise the end Goal reaching time may become high.

Problem Solving Skills

Let us take a Software related Team. At times, the team members might get some hard-coding errors. Then one must step forward to solve them as soon as possible for achieving the work on time. The Team Leader is the key person in these types of situations. He must step forward instinctively for a better result.

“Together We Stand Divided We Fall”. Remember this proverb in our childhood? A Team with perfect planning and execution will definitely turn the tables upside down.

An Army is the best example of perfect Team Collaboration 🙂 🙂

Sharing for a healthy society.

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