Juice Recipes For Kids

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Every mother who has given birth to kids and raised them to be adults knows that that is not a walk in the park. When a kid is still a toddler up to the time he gets to about ten years, the mother needs to be always watchful of her child’s health. This is a very crucial stage in the kid’s life and if anything is not properly done or not done at all, the kid might be at very many health risks.

One way of making sure that your kid grows up to be a perfectly healthy adult is by feeding the child well as he grows. They need a number of nutrients in their bodies to grow up healthy, some of these nutrients include;

Calcium to strengthen bones

Protein for growth stimulation

Iron for transporting oxygen to the blood vessels.

Most of the nutrients mentioned above can mostly be found in fruits. If you have been thinking of making your child some delicious fruit juice, this article takes you through some of the recipes used for juicing.

Watermelon and Cucumber Juice (hydration).

The first recipe to look at is the hydration, a perfect combination of watermelons and cucumber. Watermelons are ninety percent water so this juice is perfect for hydrating your kid and yourself too during the summer days. Here is a recipe for one cup;


¼ watermelon

One cucumber


Wash the watermelon and remove the seeds then cut into small pieces enough to fit in a blender.

Also, wash the cucumber and chop it into small pieces also enough to fit in the blender. Put the watermelon pieces and cucumber pieces in a bowl.

Keep them in a blender and blend them to perfection.

Pear Orange Carrot Juice

As a mother, you might have noticed that kids tend to eat fruits that are more orange-ish in color than green, possibly because of their taste. Your kid will definitely love the recipe for the next juice, a combination of pears carrots and oranges.


One pear

One orange

Two carrots.


You need to first wash all the fruits.

Pill the orange.

You can start by juicing the pear and carrots first in the masticating juicer.

As for the orange you can use a non-electric juicer or if your regular one can handle the orange citrus.

Finally, juice all the three fruits together and serve.


It is important to note that you should always maintain hygiene when you are preparing the juice for your kid, or while preparing any meal for the family generally. 🙂 🙂

Sharing for a healthy society.

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