Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice

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Cranberry juice has many amazing health benefits including the prevention of age-related oxidative damage, reduction in heart and other chronic diseases, and prevention of urinary tract (UTI) and other infections. It also helps improve digestion and supports post-menopausal health.

This fruit juice is also beneficial in preventing stomach disorders. And diabetes, as well as gum diseases caused by dental plaque. Phytonutrients, which are naturally derived plant compounds are present in this fruit. And has been found to prevent a wide range of health problems.

Cranberry juice has long been used as a remedy for various illnesses. The health benefits of cranberries include the following:

Fights Age-related Oxidative Damage

Cranberries are known for their anti-aging abilities. Research published in the peer-reviewed journal. Age showed that when a cranberry extract was given to a laboratory worm, its healthspan and lifespan increased.

Furthermore, the team of US researchers found that cranberries help fight oxidative damage. As they are high in antioxidants and phytochemicals such as proanthocyanidins and vitamin C.

Improves Heart Health

Cranberry juice is rich in polyphenols, which may help improve heart health. The research published in AgResearch Magazine found that drinking two glasses of cranberry juice daily helps boost heart health.

Research led by Arpita Basu from the Oklahoma State University found. That 2 Cups of low-energy cranberry juice significantly reduce free radical scavenging activity. However, they did not find any changes in blood pressure, glucose, and C-reactive protein levels.

Improves Digestion

Cranberry juice is rich in phytochemicals and thereby known to help improve the digestion in your body. It also can help prevent the formation of peptic ulcers. Peptic ulcers are caused by a type of bacteria called Helicobacter pylori or H. pylori.

A University of Florida research report suggests that cranberry juice or cranberries prevent the colonization of. H. pylori in the stomach thus helping protect against intestinal inflammation. This microorganism attacks the protective layer of the stomach and duodenum.

Anticancer Potential

Cranberries are packed with several nutrients, many of which offer anticancer benefits. An animal study published in the Molecular Nutrition & Food Research journal noted. That whole cranberry powder could have chemopreventive effects of colon tumorigenesis. It also put forth cranberry as a functional food which could promote colon health.

Fights Infections

According to a study, cranberry juice may help inhibit certain strains of Haemophilus influenza. A common cause of ear and respiratory infections in children. The juice inhibits the bacteria’s hair-like structures, inhibiting them from adhering to the surface of the skin.

Cranberry juice’s antimicrobial effects on the body are what enables it to help fight against seven bacterial strains. It is also effective against norovirus, according to research.

Antitumor Effects

The antitumor efficacy offered by cranberry juice is attributed to the presence of polyphenolic compounds within the fruit. A study in the Journal of Nutrition suggests that regular consumption of cranberry juice. Inhibits the development and spread of lung, breast, colon, prostate, and other cancers. Cranberry juice contains a high amount of salicylic acid which can help reduce swelling, prevent blood clots, and eliminate tumors.

Improves Post-menopausal Health

Cranberry juice prevents the risk of heart diseases in postmenopausal women. By helping to lower the cholesterol levels in the body. Benefits of cranberry juice consumption in improving. Both vascular functions and cholesterol profiles providing insight into developing cranberry products into useful dietary supplements for postmenopausal women.

Prevents Tooth Decay

Research conducted in Canada suggested that cranberry juice can prevent oral diseases like tooth cavities. Proanthocyanidins, a chemical compound present in cranberries, inhibits harmful bacteria from clinging to teeth. These components inhibit acid production and protect the teeth from periodontal diseases deterring preventing the growth of plaque.

Good oral hygiene, along with the consumption of organic premium dried cranberries, disrupts. The pathogenic mechanism of dental caries and generally makes for good dental health.

Other Benefits

There are many other benefits of cranberry juice, let’s look at them.

Strengthens Bones and Teeth: Although cranberry juice is a natural source of calcium, many juice companies add extra calcium. Natural or otherwise, calcium can help reduce the risk of getting osteoporosis.

Relief from Cold: Fresh cranberry juice is effective in fighting infections. It helps sore throats and colds.

Weight Loss: Cranberry juice is rich in organic acids, (organic compounds with acidic properties) which have an emulsifying effect on the fat deposits in our body. So, it is good for people who want to shed those extra kilos.

Prevents Scurvy: Deficiency of vitamin C in an individual can result in scurvy. Sparkling cranberry juice provides high levels of vitamin C, which is also vital for the body to make collagen, the main component responsible for the healthy functioning of tissues.

Cranberry juice has many amazing health benefits 🙂 🙂

Sharing for a healthy society.

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